quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Novo livro

Um novo livro sobre resistência de plantas daninhas foi publicado pela John Wiley & Sons Inc. O livro é intitulado "Glyphosate resistance in crops and weeds: history, development, and management" e foi editado por Vijay K. Nandula.

Short description
New technologies are becoming available for managing glyphosate resistant (GR) weeds and reducing their spread. Glyphosate Resistance in Crops and Weeds provides comprehensive coverage of glyphosate resistance in crops. Detailing the development of glyphosate resistance and how to detect and manage the problem in crops, this book standardizes global approaches to glyphosate resistance. Written for researchers, extension workers, land managers and government personnel, the book as well includes a chapter on economic analysis of glyphosate resistance impact on crops.

From the contents
Glyphosate: Discovery, Development, Applications, and Properties (G. M. Dill, R. D. Sammons, P. C. C. Feng, F. Kohn, K. Kretzmer, A. Mehrsheikh, M. Bleeke, J. L. Honegger, D. Farmer, D. Wright and E. A. Haupfear).
Herbicide Resistance: Definitions and Concepts (Vijay K. Nandula).
Glyphosate Resistant Crops: Developing the Next Generation Products (Paul C. C. Feng, Claire A. CaJacob, Susan J. Martino-Catt, R. Eric Cerny, Greg A. Elmore, Gregory R. Heck, Jintai Huang, Warren M. Kruger, Marianne Malven, John A. Miklos, and Stephen R. Padgette).
Transitioning from Single to Multiple Herbicide Resistant Crops (Jerry M. Green and Linda A. Castle).
Testing Methods for Glyphosate Resistance (Dale L. Shaner).
Biochemical Mechanisms and Molecular Basis of Evolved Glyphosate Resistance in Weed Species (Alejandro Perez-Jones and Carol Mallory-Smith).
Glyphosate Resistance: Genetic Basis in Weeds (Michael J. Christoffers and Aruna V. Varanasi).
Genomics of Glyphosate Resistance (C. Neal Stewart, Jr., Yanhui Peng, Laura G. Abercrombie, Matthew D. Halfhill, Murali R. Rao, Priya Ranjan, Jun Hu, R. Douglas Sammons, Gregory R. Heck, Patrick J. Tranel, and Joshua S. Yuan).
Glyphosate-Resistant Crop Production Systems: Impact on Weed Species Shifts (Krishna N. Reddy and Jason K. Norsworthy).
Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed in the United States (Lawrence E. Steckel, Christopher L. Main, and Thomas C. Mueller).
Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in the United States (A. S. Culpepper, T. M. Webster, L. Sosnoskie, and A. C York).
Managing Glyphosate Resistant Weeds and Population Shifts in Midwestern US Cropping Systems (Stephen C. Weller. Micheal D. K. Owen and William G. Johnson).
Glyphosate-Resistant Rigid Ryegrass in Australia (Christopher Preston).
Glyphosate Resistance in Latin America (Bernal E. Valverde).
Strategies for Managing Glyphosate Resistance - An Extension Perspective (Ken Smith).
Economic Impact of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds (Janet E. Carpenter and Leonard P. Gianessi).

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